Dai Tin Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company  was established on December 13th of 2009  by the dedication of the shareholders who are pharmacists experienced in pharmaceutical, functional food and medical equipment business.

Since 2009, Dai Tin Pharma has been committed to a well-designed strategy to further expand our services in the specific field, especially in Oncology, Orthopedics , Aesthetics.

Dai Tin is an ideal partner for manufacturers to engage new launches in Vietnamese market.


Dai Tin Pharma involves in imports, distribution and marketing of :

  • Branded Pharmaceuticals
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Comestic and Dermatology

Dai Tin Pharma offers a numerous of added value services:

  • Medical training and information
  • Consulting regulatory services
  • Indirect sales
  • Tools for searching data focusing on pharmaceutical market

With the advantage of high quality medical and cosmetic products along with the experienced and enthusiastic recruitment in the field, Đại Tin Pharma is steadily taking every steps to accomplish the best musculoskeletal and aesthetics distributor achivement in 2019

Dai Tin Pharma is your ideal partner if your company wants:

  • To enter the Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market
  • To look for full service for launching new products
  • To seek advise for regulatory affairs
  • To expand operations in Vietnam

Dai Tin Pharma has always been desiring to protect and improve health as well as appearance of millions of Vietnamese people with the mission of “protect and improve health of the people by the virtue and prestige of the enterprise”.

Dai Tin offers a comprehensive solutions for your products :

  • Be representative for partners or manuufactories on the Vietnam’s territories.
  • Notify all requirements and support to register and launch imported products in Vietnam’s market
  • Provide all marketing, sale & distribution activities for products

The quality of the products is the basis

Customer is the core

Every individual in Đại Tin group is always motivated by the core value which is “Great Trust, Wonderful Care “.They are always striving for bettering themselves to offer their customers the best value and to develop in a stable manner with partners

RESEARCH MARKET DATA : Analyze & evaluate market potentials of the product in order to consult suitable market solutions; which covers information about over 60.000 pharmaceutical products in Vietnam and Abroad ‘s pharmcay Market.

RECOMMEND & SUPPORT : Suggest the idea  partners to promote products including regulatory, sale & marketing, distribution in concept   of Vietnam’s market.

REGULATORY SERVICES : Advise generic companies in regulatory strategies and compliance requirements; assist at any level of the regulation route in Vietnam to ensure regulatory compliance

MARKET : Build marketing plan and strategies, drive market stimulation for given products lanches and promotions, conferences and exhibitions, CMEs

FEEDBACK & REVIEWS : Review processes to ensure product penetration, fulfillment of consumer needs and overall customer satisfactions.