Regenflex Starter

A recent study has shown that if REGENFLEX STARTER is used for at least 3 weeks in a row, the following effects will be achieved:

– Increased mobility.
– Restore and reconstruct cartilage structure.
– Lubrication, reduced friction, increased resilience.


– Helps restore joints, oily
– Stimulate endogenous HA synthesis, balance cartilage structure
– Recommended by Doctors from Europeans
– Three-layer sterile technology

Regenflex Bio Plus


  • Increased elasticity and elasticity thanks to optimal coordination between large phantom masses (2,000 kDalton and 1,000 kDalton).
  • Enhances the ability to regenerate natural joints through the use of large amounts of unsaturated (Hyaluronic Acid 500 kDalton) and long-term stability.
  • Stable structure protects Hyaluronic Acid molecules from enzymes in joint fluid.

Combined with the superior properties of large Hyaluronic Acid molecules (1000 kDlton – 2000 kDalton) and small (500 kDalton). REGENFLEX BIOPLUS delivers an optimal solution with a single dose of therapy during the course of treatment.

Regenflex KIT - Combine use KIT for all JOINTS

REGENFLEX KIT – Combine use KIT for all JOINTS
Hyaluronic Acid-based for joint and tendon diseases

Includes two injectables (Regenflex Starter & Regenflex Bio-Plus) for intra-articular treatment:
• Indicated in the treatments of jonts and tendons
• Long-lasting reconstructive
• Anti-inflammatory
• Visco-supplemental effect
• Proctects and repairs all jonts and tendons which damages caused by Nsaid and Cortisone preparations

Both product present a high degree on inductive/reparative capability