Ordering guide:

We do not provide any form of online ordering on the website: https://daitinpharma.vn

Customers can choose one of two ways:

The first way: Call the Hotline: 1900 0084

The second way: Order by email: duocphamdaitin@gmail.com


1. Payment in cash upon receipt of goods (Ship COD)

2. Payment by bank transfer

• Details of the account number. We will send by email, via text message or contact you directly.

• Note: The content of the transfer must specify full name or company name and transfer to which order. After making the transfer, we will contact you to confirm and proceed. If after the agreed time, we do not confirm the transaction is successful or do not respond, you can send a complaint directly to the company and claim compensation if the delay proves the delay to your work.

• We are committed to transparent, legal business, selling quality, with clear origins.